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British Polling Council

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Accuracy Of The Final Polls

6th May 2005

The table below shows the final polls and the estimates made of the outcome of the General Election by members of the British Polling Council (BPC).

Collectively, these polls are the most accurate predictions ever made of the outcome of any British General Election. As can be seen from the table no estimate was, on average, more than 1.5% adrift from the final outcome, and every individual estimate was within 2% of the result for each party.

 ICMIpsos MORINOPPopulusYouGovResult
Liberal Democrats222323212423
Other Parties869978
Average Error1%1%0.25%1.5%1% 

NOTE. Polls conducted wholly or partly since Monday 2nd have been included in the table. The accuracy of each estimate is shown by the use of average error, being the average of the percentage differences between these four estimates and the final result.