Election Seminar Papers

The 2010 General Election

The National Centre for Research Methods and the British Polling Council ran two seminars to cover the 2010 UK General Election.

The pre-election seminar was held on 20 January 2010. For more details, see: Taking the Electoral Pulse: Three Approaches to the Methodology of Election Polling

The post-election conference was held on 22 November 2010. For more details, see: The polls in 2010: learning the lessons

The 2005 General Election

The British Polling Council held a post-election seminar in June, to review the performance of the polls and to reflect on the lessons that could be learned from the 2005 election for polling in the future. Papers were presented to the seminar on different aspects of election polling by BPC members. These are listed below and most of them can be viewed by clicking on the relevant title.