Benefits Of Membership

The purpose of the British Polling Council (BPC) is to assist journalists, politicians and the general public in the understanding, interpreting and reporting of polls.

Its member organisations subscribe to recognised standards of professional ethics and practice in the conduct and reporting of polls, and are encouraged to share and comment on current issues related to the field.

Members are encouraged to participate in dialogue and debate in order to promote best practice on the part of the polling community and assist journalists in effectively disseminating data originating from such polls.

From time to time, the BPC commissions papers and other written work to advance the understanding among politicians, the media and general public of how polls are conducted and how to interpret poll results. The Management Committee will also provide interested parties with advice on best practice in the conduct and reporting of polls and comment on significant events in the field of opinion research. For more on this topic, please explore our resources page.

Journalists are actively encouraged to engage with the BPC to better understand public opinion industry practices and to keep better informed on trends and issues within the field. Please see our guidance for journalists involved in writing up opinion poll findings.