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Polls Commit To Speedy Disclosure In 2010 Election

2nd April 2010

Britain’s opinion pollsters announce today that they have committed themselves to releasing speedily the technical details of all voting intention polls published during the course of the general election campaign. In the event of a May 6th election, members of the British Polling Council, who between them comprise nearly all the companies who undertake opinion polls in the UK, have agreed they will place the key details of all polls published on or after Thursday 8th April on their web sites within at most 18 hours of their initial publication. These details will include:

The precise wording of the questions asked

The sample size, how and when interviews were conducted, and how the data have been weighted to ensure they are representative.

Computer tables showing the breakdown of the results for key demographic groups.

John Curtice, President of the British Polling Council, said, ‘Opinion polls often play an important role in shaping the mood and rhythm of an election campaign, sometimes controversially so. It is therefore important that they should be as open and transparent as possible about how their results have been obtained. This commitment will ensure that anyone who is interested in or has concerns about a particular poll will be able to ascertain quickly and easily for themselves just exactly how it was conducted.’

Notes to Editors.

  1. The British Polling Council (BPC) was founded in 2004 with the primary object of promoting the disclosure of the technical details of the results of published opinion polls so that consumers can be make an informed judgement as to the reliability and validity of their results. Further details can be found at
  2. Under its rules of disclosure, BPC members are usually required to make the technical details of polls available within 2 working days of initial publication. This new 18 hour commitment, which will operate during the 4 weeks immediately prior to polling day, will ensure these details are available more quickly at a time when polls are the subject of particular media interest and commentary.
  3. The membership of the Council currently comprises:
    • Angus Reid
    • Cello MRUK
    • ComRes
    • Dods Polling
    • GFK-NOP
    • Harris Interactive
    • ICM
    • Ipsos MORI
    • Marketing Means
    • Opinion Research Business
    • Opinium
    • Populus
    • TNS System Three
    • YouGov
  4. For further details contact John Curtice on 07710-348 755, Andrew Cooper on 07500-858626, or Nick Moon on 07770-564 664.