Officers / Members

Management Committee

Professor John Curtice — President
University of Strathclyde
Sir John Curtice is Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde

Professor John Curtice — President.

Nick Moon — Secretary
Telephone: 07770-564 664
Nick Moon is Managing Director of Moonlight Research

Nick Moon.

Simon Atkinson — Committee Member
Telephone: 07791-680 770
Simon Atkinson is Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Simon Atkinson.

Please contact a member of the Management Committee if you have any questions relating to an issue covered by the BPC’s terms of reference.

If you are thinking about making a complaint to the BPC, please follow these guidelines.

Members (Company representatives)

BMG*Robert Struthers0121-333 6006
Bradshaw Advisory*Matt Latham07548-640 090
Censuswide*Charles Moore020-7251 9955
Deltapoll*Martin Boon020-7971 1350
Electoral Calculus*Martin Baxter020-3627 8141
Find Out Now*Chris Holbrook07855-816 675
focaldata*Justin Ibbett07905-057 050
Forefront Market ResearchMichael Hantman07492-900 011
Ipsos*Gideon Skinner020-7347 3000
J.L. Partners*James Johnson07826-714 286
Kantar Public UK*Luke Taylor020-7656 5742
LucidTalk*Bill White07711-450 545
More in CommonTyron Surmon07749-819 649
Mortar Research*Tony Meenaghan020-3941 8330
Obsurvant*Alex Morrison07973-279 376
OnePoll*Steve McGee020-7138 3041
Opinium*James Endersby020-7566 3197
ORB*Johnny Heald020-7611 5275
Panelbase*Ivor Knox01434-611 160
PeoplePollingProf Matthew Goodwin07929-045 857
Portland CommunicationsGabriel Milland020-7554 1600
Public First*Seb Wilde020-3687 2761
Redfield and Wilton Strategies*Philip van Scheltinga020-7097 1329
Savanta*Chris Hopkins07971-003 726
Stack Data Strategy*Kieran Kumaria020-3870 1117
StonehavenThomas Welborn07825-777 371
Survation*Damian Lyons Lowe020-3142 7644
Techne LtD*Michela Morizzo020-7952 8744
Walnut Unlimited*Gregor Jackson020-7436 3114
We Think/Omnisis*Brian Cooper0161-441 4131
Whitestone InsightAndrew Hawkins07971-209 995
Yonder Consulting*Owen Thomas020-7253 9900
YouGov*Anthony Wells020-7012 6000

*Denotes member of the Market Research Society

Officers serving on the Sub-Committee on Disclosure

  • Martin Boon [Delta Poll]
  • John Burn-Murdoch [Financial Times]
  • Andrew Cooper [Yonder Consulting]
  • David Cowling
  • Bobby Duffy [King’s College London]
  • Isla Glaister [Sky News]
  • Jane Green [Oxford University]
  • Peter Kellner
  • Adam Phillips [past Chairman of the Market Research Society and of ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee]
  • Colin Rallings [University of Plymouth]
  • John Rentoul [The Independent]
  • Patrick Sturgis [LSE]
  • Anthony Wells [YouGov]