Officers / Members

Management Committee

  • Professor John Curtice — President
    University of Strathclyde
    John Curtice is Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde
  • Nick Moon — Secretary
    Telephone: 07770-564 664
    Nick Moon is Managing Director of Moonlight Research
  • Simon Atkinson — Member
    Telephone: 020-7347 3000
    Simon Atkinson is Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Please contact a member of the Management Committee if you have any questions relating to an issue covered by the BPC’s terms of reference.

Members (Company representatives)

Officers serving on the Sub-Committee on Disclosure

  • Simon Atkinson [Ipsos MORI]
  • Nick Moon [Moonlight Research]
  • David Cowling [BBC]
  • Peter Kellner
  • Adam Phillips [Past Chairman of the Market Research Society and Chairman of ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee]
  • Colin Rallings [Professor at the Local Government Chronicle Election Centre at the University of Plymouth]
  • John Rentoul [Independent on Sunday]
  • Patrick Sturgis [Professor of Research Methodology at the University of Southampton]
  • Andrew Cooper [Populus]